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Improvement of the advantages and smoothness of tapered roller
Clicks:21112 Date:4-28
The tapered roller can be divided into two parts: a raised cone roller and a lower cone roller. Such products have wear resistance, long service life, light weight and has anti combustion, anti-aging, acid and other strengths. From our roller factory to the definition of the cone roller can be seen, it is a kind of wear resistance, long service life and light weight, small inertia. And has a very good structure and reliable sealing, and its structure is reasonable, reliable and more important is that it has a relatively good corrosion resistance. Such a good product has a wide range of applications is normal, so we are in a number of steel mills, power plants, docks, coal mines and other industries can be seen in the cone roller conveyor machinery accessories products. Although the tapered roller has a very good structure, but this does not mean that it has no shortcomings, but also it is not perfect to do the relevant improvement. For many years, we have made many improvements to the cone roller, and now the modified products have the following characteristics:
1 interference, tapered roller bearing products and supporting ring pressing to eliminate steel Feng the roundness of a certain amount, the outer circle of radial runout is not greater than 0.3mm;
2, tapered roller can ensure the roller bearing at both ends of the coaxial degree, the error has been reduced to no more than 0.05mm;
3, the cone roller effectively ensure the accuracy of the roller manufacturing, assembly with a good pass rate, has been very close to the 100% pass rate;
4. The weight of the rotary part of the improved tapered roller is reduced by about 30%;
5, the improved tapered roller simplifies the production process, it reduces the labor intensity and improve the work efficiency;
6, changed the traditional seal structure, in a variety of harsh environment to achieve zero pollution long-term normal operation.
Can be done in accordance with the following three steps:
1, when writing smooth oil time slip technician using ultrasonic instrument to detect bearing. Grease until the decibel is lowered to the bottom.
2) if there is no bottom line as a guide, the amount of smooth oil should be used when the sound drops and then rises. At this point, the technician should stop the continued use of smooth oil.
3, in the cone roller, roller manufacturers to support the basis of the amount of accounting, and then write the smooth oil, not too much. This process is very one-sided, has nothing to do with ultrasound, and this process has never been ineffective.
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